Gingrich beats Romney in South Carolina

Gingrich beat Romney 43 to 9 percent. Some Christian conservatives may have been reluctant to back a Mormon candidate. Still, Gingrich was up against South Carolina’s history of shoring up established.

. took place not just in South Carolina – where he won Saturday’s primary – but across the U.S. In South Carolina, Gingrich beat Romney by 50 to 22 percent among voters who said debates were an.

Jon Huntsman Jr. (17 percent), former house speaker newt Gingrich. in conservative South Carolina, recent polls show Romney averaging an 11-point lead over his nearest competitor, Mr. Santorum. The.

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There is much on the line for Gingrich in South Carolina. nominee who could beat Obama. And among that group – which was larger than the one in which respondents said they most valued conservatism,

After strong performances in a series of debates, Gingrich was seen by South Carolina voters as the most likely Republican to beat Obama, a Democrat, in the November 6 election. They also rejected.

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What they show is that Gingrich beat Romney soundly across the board. Between all this and the wave of momentum and free media coverage he’ll enjoy coming out of South Carolina, the former speaker,

Gingrich, who may overtake Romney in Saturday’s south carolina primary, dominated the debate. Turns out Iowa Republicans goofed and Rick santorum beat romney in the caucus by 34 votes. Marianne. Newt Gingrich beat out Mitt Romney in South Carolina among evangelicals, women and people voting on who could manage the economy best.

Batman steps in, beats the Penguin literally and politically. john mccain won New Hampshire. Mitt Romney won his home.

Newt Gingrich has romped home to a stunning victory in the South Carolina primary, easily overcoming frontrunner mitt romney and setting the stage for a bitter and prolonged battle for the.

 · Romney led in the poll with 33 percent, but he had slipped some since the last survey. Santorum was in third place, narrowly ahead of Texas Rep. Ron Paul and well ahead of Perry. Regardless of the South Carolina outcome, Gingrich was making plans to continue to Florida, which holds its primary Jan. 31.

Debates matter. A lot.: Fifty-two percent of the South Carolina primary electorate said that the recent debates were one of the most important factors in deciding their vote. Of that group, Gingrich.