Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news

It is not that Clinton. other 48 states. Clinton, by contrast, is universally known and has deep support among black and Latino voters nationwide. Her advisers argue that she is positioned well in.

Tuesday: “The president has made very clear he is prepared to meet with no preconditions.” Trump, Sunday: “The Fake News is.

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South Carolina and the Super Tuesday states, including California. As Harris and virtually every other Democratic contender.

One way to think of the coming Trump team is. ascendancy of a deadly fascist-lite presidency the fault of Lefties who failed to hold their nose to vote to block a vulgar white nationalist (Trump).

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North Carolina, along with Texas, California, and several other states, will all hold their primaries on March 3, 2020. Good news. on Super Tuesday, especially if support for Vice President.

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Based on exit polls, ABC News projects Clinton will win the Georgia and Virginia Democratic primaries and Sanders will win Vermont. Donald Trump Speaks Out on the KKK, Super Tuesday The Republican presidential front-runner talks to "GMA" about the controversy surrounding his campaign and his Super Tuesday strategy.

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There were rumors that her dad was going to quit politics and be the president of Purolator. So would have ended the Bush dynasty. But Bush Senior won in New Hampshire the next week and in South Carolina on March 5 and on Super Tuesday, March 8. The Bush family dynasty was born. So Super Tuesday can be history making.

Thursday night, at the San Jose Convention Center, Donald Trump. for why Hillary Clinton, a woman who served for four years as President. And then he added a line that he has used, in one form or the other, for. the morning after Super Tuesday, with chris christie standing next to.. News & Politics.

Hillary Clinton: 'Another Super Tuesday for Our Campaign' (FULL SPEECH) Obama vs. Clinton, super tuesday While John McCain can now celebrate his new status as the Republican front-runner, the Democratic candidates now offer a quite hard choice as the rumour says that Barack Obama is the only one who can beat John McCain in the "final round".