Texas Regulators Crack Down on Site Offering Returns Related to Cryptocurrency and Medical Marijuana – Helena Bitcoin Mining

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Cryptocurrency mining will always remain a peculiar industry. A lot of people make good money from it, even though there’s also a degree of centralization involved.. texas regulators crack Down on Site Offering Returns Related to Cryptocurrency and Medical Marijuana. A bogus startup.

The Texas State Securities Board has uncovered more suspicious activity from cryptocurrency businesses targeting residents in the state. The agency has most recently issued a pair of emergency orders against two separate entities that according to the regulators were scamming investors, including a bitcoin mining operation and a bitcoin foreign exchange investment fund.

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In the order, Texas regulators cite wording from the website that claims its investors are getting an 8% return on their money weekly. The money, says the site, would be used to buy cryptocurrency, which in turn would be loaned to a medical marijuana operation in California. "Never work hard again," the site advertises.

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Texas will not treat Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as legal money, according to a new memo from the Texas Department of Banking. Yet some companies that deal in Bitcoin transactions could.