South Florida is ripe for Chinese homebuyers

THE DUNSTAN CHESTNUT. In 1962, seedling trees from the first cross began to bear. Selecting the individuals with the most hybrid characteristics, Dr. Dunstan crossed them back to the American and Chinese parent trees. The resulting second generation was moved to Alachua in north central Florida, on our nursery property,

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Still, when it comes to Florida, South Americans. Rising interest in Chinese consumers is due to the fact that in the past year China overtook Canada to become the largest country of origin for.

Having a Chinese background is even more important for representing Chinese buyers. "Even though Chinese people have good English skills, we still like to deal with other Chinese people," An says. Knowing the cultural nuances simply makes your life – and decisions you make – as a real estate agent, easier.

Far from a wacky sales gimmick, Mr Burklin’s listing is not a one off. In the South Florida region, which is most well known for its high-density apartment and townhouse living built for retirees, there are loads of cut price deals currently on the market.

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