Forged Documents, Fake Titles: Is The Florida Mortgage Mess Only The Tip Of The Iceberg?

If there was any doubt in your mind that banks have been forging evidence, put it to rest.. Documents include the original note, recorded mortgage, title policy, and. And then someone at Wells Fargo just signs the affidavit:. And we question whether, in light of the ongoing foreclosure crisis in this State,

Whistleblower: Wells Fargo Fabricated and altered mortgage documents on a Mass Basis. Not only is having Wells Fargo tamper with documents in this way dubious in many cases (more detail on that shortly), but amusingly, the bank does not even appear to be terribly competent at this sort of falsification.

2008-08-17  · It could be the tip of an iceberg. Ticor Title, as forged documents may come to light or an. sift through the subprime mortgage mess,

The OCC Foreclosure Review Program is just another SCAM.. not think the bank would have to prove chain of title and possession of the original note.. into fraudulent mortgage practices by large U.S. banks, some Florida groups are. 12/14/11, Max Gardner's Top Tips for fake mortgage documents, Max Garnder, 6.

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"[W]here the plaintiff in the unlawful detainer action is the purchaser at a trustee’s sale, he or she ‘need only prove a sale in compliance with the statute and deed of trust, followed by the purchase at such sale, and the defendant may raise objections only on that phase of the issue of title."’ (Bank of New York Mellon v.

Mortgage Settlement Will Plunge Real Estate Values.. It pointed out that the $26 billion mortgage settlement is only an illusion.. The banks made up and forged documents and then told the court they were authentic. In many cases the bankers were forging "promissory notes."

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