Raccoon pictured ‘riding alligator’

Apparently the picture was taken by a man who was looking at alligators with his family, when his son startled a raccoon they couldn’t see. The raccoon ran out onto the alligator’s back, and then.

Man captures photo of raccoon riding an alligator.. A man walking in a national forest in central Florida has captured a rare image of a raccoon appearing to ride on the back of an alligator.. He believes his son startled the raccoon while trying to take a picture of the reptile..

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A photograph of a raccoon appearing to hitch a ride atop an alligator has made the rounds on the Internet-but is it real?. Raccoon Rides Alligator in Florida-Is It For Real?

Early Sunday, various media outlets in Florida received an email with a photo of a raccoon apparently riding on the back of an alligator. Richard Jones of Palatka, Florida emailed WFTV and said he.

"The raccoon riding an alligator is the most Florida thing since mortgage fraud," tweeted Benjamin Freed, a writer for the Washingtonian, alluding to the financial crisis that began in 2007.

Florida snapped a picture of a raccoon riding a gator at the. LIVE LIFE TO THE thrillist. pictured: hitchhiking racoon spotted riding an alligator down Florida river. THE raccoon reacted to hearing a noise nearby so hopped on the back of a passing gator to the relative safety of the water.

Firefighters in Massachusetts, along with backup responders, spent two hours Thursday freeing a raccoon that had gotten stuck.

which followed on the heels of similar animal ride-hitching images such as a weasel riding a woodpecker and a raccoon riding an alligator, left many viewers questioning their authenticity. Although.

If there were ever a photo – at least recenlty – that was simply ripe for the "Your argument is invalid" meme, that would be it. Actually, I would assume that this is precisely how that raccoon feels about the situation, and it would be only natural to feel that way if you successfully crossed the water on an alligator.

A Florida man took a most unlikely photo: he snapped a raccoon riding an alligator. Having been startled, the creature headed for the river and stood on what looked like a log. However, on closer inspection, it turned out to be an alligator.

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