Hard Money Loans With Bruce Norris, Aaron Norris, and Craig Hill #630

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Tax Planning 2015/2016 with Keystone CPA Featured on the real estate radio show this week is the Norris Group’s very own Bruce Norris, Aaron Norris, and Craig Hill. They will discuss with us the changes in their loan program. Episode Highlights. What changes have they made to their hard money loan program, both for here and Florida?

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The Norris Group has two divisions: Investments and hard money loans. The end goal of our education is hopefully people will use us for hard money. Better yet, we’re hoping we can show investors how we’d like them to structure offers so we can easily get them funded and also have all parties make money at the end of the day.

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Bruce Norris is an active investor, hard money lender, and real estate educator with over 30 years experience. bruce has been involved in more than 2,000 real estate transactions as a buyer.

FHA Approves Many New Florida Condos For 98% Financing In 2010 The FHA changes its requirements for condo financing from time to time, and townhome complexes are required to requalify for FHA financing whenever guidelines change. However, homeowners with existing mortgages are not impacted if a development loses its FHA-approved status unless they attempt to refinance with a new FHA loan.

Hard Money Loans With Bruce Norris, Aaron Norris, and craig hill #630. Once a big worry, mortgage foreclosures have faded in Wisconsin Mortgage foreclosure filings in Wisconsin have plunged to. Get approved with Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans – and do it all online. You can get a real, customizable mortgage solution based on your unique.

Florida Lawmakers Aim to Speed Up Foreclosures Bill passes to speed mortgage foreclosure system. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida House voted overwhelmingly Monday to speed up the residential mortgage foreclosure process in a state that was swamped by a rising number of homes taken back by banks during the housing crisis.

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Past foreclosure? Millions of boomerang buyers ready to buy again Boomerang Buyers: How to buy after a Shortsale, Foreclusre, or Bankruptcy. Borrowers are not eligible for a new FHA mortgage if they pursued a short sale agreement on their principal residence to.