The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Foreclosing Bankster Agrees To Wipe Out South Florida Homeowner’s Mortgage After Document Review Reveals Scott Anderson-Robosigned Paperwork

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The mortgage bundlers may have decided that for every real mortgage they held, they could create 3, or 4 , or in one case 20 out of thin air with which to collateralize the investment package.

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True, the mortgagee’s unsecured claim may still be wiped out and old equity may be able to retain the property; but the mortgagee will at least have an 80% loan to value mortgage, which would be more likely to approximate the value of the collateral than a 100% loan to value mortgage.

Few Mandatory Florida Foreclosure Mediations Succeed With a 96% failure rate, these mediations weren’t helping Florida home owners anyway. Mediations need cooperative parties willing to deal if they are to succeed. More and more, it looks like the only place for Florida home owners to find justice is in fighting their foreclosure with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney in a courtroom.

But H.R. 2526/S. 1312, the U.S. Territorial Relief Act of 2019, would wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt and compensate debt-holders up to $15 billion — even the hedge funds that swooped in like vultures, though they’d have to waive manager’s fees, and I bet some of them find.